Class 8 Dol Dol girls performing traditional Maasai dance

Ilílaramatak Community Concerns (ICC), a registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO), was founded in September 2011, with the aim of addressing human rights and development concerns of Maasai pastoralist women and girls. ICC believes that the perception of women and girls is the root of their marginalization. Women are denied basic rights because they are perceived as unworthy or incapable of making decisions for themselves and their families. Girls are not supported for education because their value is calculated by the size of their dowry.†



Ilílaramatak Community Concerns
P.O. Box 656, 01100, Kajiado, Kenya
 +254 202 618-709

Ilílaramatak Community Concerns

Ilílaramatak Main Objectives 2013-2015:

1. To enhance the education and leadership of young pastoralist girls, through transformative leadership trainings

2. To support pastoralist women to understand and claim their rights accorded to them by the constitution

3. To promote womenís participation and representation at all levels of political leadership through civic engagement

Ilílaramatak Community Concerns elevates the perception of pastoralist women and girls in Kenya to a place of equal value and potential as men and boys through women and girls leadership programs.