We are all about the girl child

We Support Girls and Women reach Their Full Potential

What We Do


— • Putting recourses in the hands of pastoralist women

ICC empowers women as central pillars that hold and support families by putting resources in their hands. It does this through formation and registration of self-help groups, training, and linkage to financial institutions as well as establishment of small businesses


— • Protecting and keeping pastoralist children in school

ICC contributes to increase in enrolment, retention and transition from primary to college among pastoralists’ children and especially girls. It does these through role-modeling and goal-setting, annual youth camps and role models school visits children are inspired to dream beyond the household jobs they’ve seen for women in their village. They understand that education is the ticket to a better future and that future is in their hands


— • Pastoralists adaptation to extreme whether

In the advent of growing concerns on climate change effects, ICC works to support modern and traditional practices of climate change adaptation that enhance resilience to drought and other shocks


— • Pastoralists engagement in leadership and governance

ICC inspires and trains pastoralist to realize their basic rights as granted by the Kenyan constitution and equip them with knowledge and skills for claiming these rights through civic education. ICC ensures women are included and are at the center of participation in elective political leadership


— • Sustainability option

We work to ensure a stable sustainability of all the ICC programs across transitions of time, age and policy so as to ensure the organization to realizes her long term vision


— We Consult

Here at ICC we constantly broaden our reach with regard to input of our stakeholders, partners and other like minded individuals. We believe in a community  based effort to achieving our missions and greater vision.

What We Care For!

Bringing Dreams within Reach for girls and women

Empowerment for girl and women through civic education, formal education and business startups ensures they are able to fulfil their dreams.

The Keys to a New Future for Exploited Girls

Currently ICC is supporting over 100 girls at ILbisil Primary School and various secondary schools through Ford Foundation and private donors, This has informed ICC decision to initiate steps towards establishing an academy complex to include a private primary school and a handy-crafts complex.

Girls deserve the very best too

ICC supports education for girls from poor families and those suffering from FGM stigma, rescued from early/forced marriages etc.  We have instituted a system where able willing parents and donors pay school fees for these vuinerable girls.

Finding a New Life—in a New Land

At ICC we accommodate and show love to the girls who have run away from abusive, forced marriages and retrogressive cultural rituals such as FGM. We take them through a counselling journey towards healing.

The Girls who Break New Ground

Girls who have gone through our program they are change agents and ambassadors of transformation in rejecting all forms of discrimination, defending human rights and the rights of their fellow girls in the community.

Pastoralists engagement in leadership and governance

ICC believes that there is need to strengthen participation of women in political processes and decision making so as to adequately address their issues at all levels. ICC has been a member of TUVUKE steering committee at national and community level seeking to enhance women participation as voters and would-be leaders.